Butts & Bathrooms

What’s brown and sounds like a bell? Dung.

He he hee…

I’m so glad we’ve been able break the ice and have a laugh before our vulnerability took hold! Now we are able to talk about all things ‘Butt & Bathroom’.

Enemas! Enemas! Enemas! 

They are a GREAT detoxing tool, BUTT …

Is the smell of your bathroom putting your off doing an enema?

Does your bathroom floor appear cold and unattractive to lie on?

If your mindset holding you back from taking hold of the hose and sticking it up your ‘you-know-what’?

Have no fear! I’ve got your butt covered! Not literally of course. 

I’ve been doing enemas for over 3 years now, and I’ve perfected how to overcome these challenges and I’d love to share them with you.

Are you ready for 3 simple, effective and life changing ways you can get your ‘Butt & Bathroom’ into gear and make your enema’s happen?

3 Ways to Create a Glamorous Bathroom for your Enemas!

1. Make the room smell divine by diffusing some beautiful, calming and fragrant essential oils!

2. Prepare the floor so it is as comfortable and warm as possible (think thick bathmat, towel, plastic sheet, under-pad)

3. Focus on the reason you are doing your enema and the benefits coming to you. I mean, don’t focus on that fact that you are lying on the bathroom floor and would rather be doing something else! Being mindful helps to put things into perspective with a focus on the present moment.

Do you like these three little gems?

Have you tried diffusing essential oils in the bathroom before, during and after your enema? This will ensure that any nasty smells and other unpleasant and undesirables are negated. 

Your house guests will appreciate the lovely smells from the essential oils – more than the smells that come from your [insert your own word here]!

What are you waiting for? 

If you haven’t already some of these oily gems, a few warm towels and your ‘Focus’ … then get your BUTT into gear and make it happen.

BUT … if you need to talk to someone about your ‘Bathroom & BUTT’ then the Lyme Healthy Community Facebook Group is a safe and nurturing space.

Bathroom, enemas and glamour!  Who would have thought these concepts could complement each other?

Enjoy you next enema lovely!

Be Well.

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