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Lisa's personal experience recovering from chronic illness, fatigue, autoimmunity and Lyme-like illness makes her an incredible and inspirational practitioner.

“When an illness is a part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire" Caroline Myss

The words from Carolne Myss couldn't be more true for me! For 5 + years I tried almost every herbal, supplement, natural treatment and therapy there was to recover from chronic illness, autoimmunity, and Lyme-like illness.

I had fatigue, brain fog and a host of symptoms (too long to list) that kept me stuck in fight or flight mode. Unable to focus, function properly or work, I was sick and lost and I didn’t know what to do next … even my practitioner’s didn’t know how to help me!

Lisa… there is no amount of modern medicine that is going to help you’ said one my Doctors. 

I had exhausted so many modalities to heal my physical body – but I hadn’t seriously explored my energy body, mental body, intuitive body or spirit bodies (Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 by Klinghardt).

My true healing began when I:

  • Healed my mind and healed my heart.
  • Began exploring energy healing techniques.
  • Started letting go of what was and surrendered to what is.
  • Released emotional and trauma blockages I didn’t know I had.
  • Began tapping into my truth and discovered my soul’s purpose.
  • Worked on and changed my beliefs and patterns that were holding me back and stuck in illness. 
  • Took action to calm my nervous system down and re-wire my bran (using some of the evidence based relaxation , EFT and neuroplasticity techniques I now use in clinic). 
  • Stopped trying to fight my dis-ease and started to listen to my inner wisdom, intuition and inner knowing how to love myself and how to  heal from within.  
5 Levels of Healing

I am the hero of my own story. I changed my story and am re-writing the ending.  I invoked a higher sense of healing to heal from the inside. 

May my story inspire and empower you on your own journey to true wellness.   

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ―C. S. Lewis

Sending you love and light, Lisa. 

Don't forget, you are the hero of your own story - Greg Boyle


IICT International Complementary Therapists Member

Lisa has internationally recognized membership with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and Complementary Therapists Accredited Association


Lisa's Qualifications


I’d like to share with you a few of my earlier media appearances where I shared part of my story with the world during some of the most challenging times of my recovery – so as to gain explore for Lyme-like-illness in Australia and abroad. As my health improved, in 2017 I spoke in the Australian Senate Inquiry into Lyme-Like Illness. 

Please note that these are older appearances of my journey and the challenges I had experienced.  Please proceed with caution as it may cause a trigger as pictures of ticks are also included in the footage.  

Prior to diagnoses


Lisa's Story

 I know all too well that reading about one’s Lyme story can bring to the surface and be a trigger for a host of emotions. I am mindful of this in sharing my story, but it is also important for me to share the real-ness of my experience – I have also sought to share my story as a source of inspiration.  Please be mindful of where YOU are right now.  You might find that reading ‘Lisa’s 12 Key Lyme Healing Lessons’ and skipping over my challenges might be a good starting point for you. Remember to be kind to yourself and listen to what your body needs!  

Following the most amazing year of my life, in late 2013 I was struck by mysterious symptoms including brain fog, severe exhaustion, anxiety and more. Over the following months (and years) that followed, I went from being a fit, outspoken, multi-tasking, hands-on professional executive and social butterfly, to a woman who spent most of her time in bed, unable to work, read & focus, with challenges communicating, memory loss – even forgetting my husbands name. Gone were the days of gym, bootcamp sessions and 26 mile (40km) bike riding on Saturday mornings … making myself breakfast was a 4 hours adventure (so to speak) of it’s own! 

I sort out many conventional medical doctors & specialist and then complementary medicine practitioners.  But due to the lack of knowledge and definitive diagnostic testing, and I landed in a dark maze of conflicting medical opinions, where many were quick to treat my symptoms but could never provide clear answers to their underlying causes – the root cause! I need to be treated as a whole person – a holistic & integrative approach.  

I was never knowingly bitten by a tick (until 4 years into my Lyme & Chronic illness journey) but I have during various stages been diagnosed with Lyme (aka Borrellia), Babesia, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Heavy Metal toxicity (especially mercury), EBV (aka Glandular fever), H Pylori, Mould toxicity and Mould genetics (living in mouldy house), various Parasites, SIBO,  MTHFR + host of other genetic SNPs, positive thyroid antibodies, an autoimmune disease known as Sjogren’s syndrome, kryptopyrroles, mild POTS, insulin resistance, Histamine intolerance, candida, food allergies and intolerances and clinical diagnoses of possible Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & MARCONS . I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things in there but this list is more than comprehensive enough for you to get the picture.  And … after I started to improve, about a year ago I was unfortunately bitten by a tick and had a very very extensive (and painful) experience with Shingles!  So to say my immune system has been suppressed and under attack is an understatement!

Suffering from Lyme & co-infections, a disease (also associated with multiple chronic infections, layers & illnesses) that is an undeniable epidemic and more debilitating & complex than anyone realizes, I have fought back with everything I hold dear to life. Learning from others with Lyme & Chronic illness (some of the most incredible people you will ever meet) and finding some amazing practitioners who were ‘on my side’ gave me the greatest motivation to keep taking one step at a time through my darkest days. I have learned a lot! 

One thing I know for certain.  There are NO magic pills for Lyme & co infections or multiple chronic illness / infections. I have found that healing, creating wellness, recovering, becoming a well-being – or whatever you would like to call it – is a journey.  It’s a journey where education and learning along with taking action and one step at a time (be it small and slow steps) moving forwards has the ability to create greater health than I could have ever imagined.   Has the road been challenging, painful, frightening and I have suffered and had great loss and been lost… YES!  But I chose to walk through the challenges, fight the pain, learn from my suffering & loss, and tune my fear into love and being lost into finding myself.  

Because I have walked this path, I know you can too! Now it’s my purpose and mission in life to give back to YOU! To help you enjoy life to the fullest and to help you out of your dark days and to show you how you too can find health, happiness, joy & brightness too. Larimar Wellbeing is about collaboration, consciousness, connection, sharing practical & useful tools that have helped me and that are sure to help you too! 

My experiences over the last 5 years with my Lyme and health journey has changed my world, and what I know about health and well-being.  I now have a number of health related qualifications, have attended a number of conferences and training seminars, have been fortunate and grateful to have spoken at a number of events, and have been in the media to promote education about Lyme-like-illness – all of which can be explored below.  And it has all helped me to regain my health and help me build

As per the words of the World Health Organization, ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.  And this is what I’m passionate about helping you to achieve.   

And to conclude (my little bio and introduction to me and my story of which I could talk for hours about)… I will say that it is well know that the energy of a collective brings about more change than individuals themselves so … together let’s Be Empowered. Be Healthy. Be Inspired. Be Well. Larimar Wellbeing is about incorporating these four concepts, which have been the pillar of my healing and I hope they offer hope for you too!

There's so much grey to every story - nothing is so black and white - Lisa Ling

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