Ask Yourself: What can I do to recover from Lyme

Have you ever asked yourself … What can I do to recover from Lyme?

I have a feeling I know what you might be thinking, or rather what questions you might be asking yourself. And it’s probably doesn’t answer this question.

I could be wrong, but I I’ve gone off track with this question myself (many many many times), so I’m coming from a place of personal experience.

So before we progress any further … It’s important to note right here, right now that …

The question is NOT:

  • What can antibiotics can I take?
  • What doctor should I see?
  • What therapy should I do?
  • What treatment do I need to do next?

The question again is…What Can “I” do to recover from Lyme?

Yes, YOU, the person reading this article. Not the person next to you, or your mum or dad, not your doctor or another practitioner. What can YOU do to recover from Lyme!

It took me years to ask myself what “I” could do to recover from Lyme, what steps ”I” could take to enable my body to overcome Lyme, what could “I” do to support my immune system, and my mind, body and spirit.

For the body to recover and heal from any illness (chronic or otherwise), a number of different techniques are required. These might include:

  • improving sleep patterns
  • making better choices about the food that you put into your body
  • eliminating negative self-talk
  • reducing time on the TV and iphone

These are all things that YOU can do and start implementing today.

Every recovering plan requires more than one technique.

If you’re not sure what YOU can do, then you could always consider joining one of the lymehealthy programs…..

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