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I absolutely love dōTERRA essential oilS!

I use dōTERRA Essential Oils every single day!

plants…exist not for themselves alone.they produce the chemistries all life needs to live and they heal all organisms that are ill.     

Stephen Harrod buhner

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My nervous system is enfeebled, only work in oils can sustain me.

Paul Cezanne

I choose dōTERRA for my essential oil collection because ...

no fillers, fragrances, perfumes, pesticides, SYNTHETICs or toxins! 

just 100% pure Essential Oil

More things I LOVE about dōTERRA Essential Oils ...

Keep CaLM & Apply essential oils

Show me these incredible oils!

Here are a few sample photos of doTERRA’s beautiful oils … BUT nothing compares to holding them in your hot little hand, opening the bottle and breathing in the beautiful aroma and healing properties of the oils have to offer!

Here are a few product guides from across the globe to assist you with the wide range of oils that are available


FREE Essential Oil Gifts

I want you to LOVE your essential oils as much as I do! The oils themselves are precious gifts .. but we can never have too many gifts! So I have a few extra download gifts for you to explore an help you on your journey!


Choose how to Purchase Your Essential Oils ...

So that YOU the customer gain the most benefit, rewards & discounts from your oily purchase (or purchases), dōTERRA has set up a unique purchasing system that helps YOU to save!  An we all love a few extra $$ in the bank!

Purchasing essential oils from dōTERRA is slightly different from other online purchasing.  Actually, the process is just back to front!  Let me explain … normally when you purchase items with the interweb, you add your personal details during the final stages of your shopping experience and purchase – but with dōTERRA – your personal details are added at the start of your ordering process. That’s about the difference! 

Watch this short video where I run you through the details and set up … 

Play Video

The two ways to purchase dōTERRA oils


The WORST Option!
0% Discount
You pay full Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
  • NOT Recommended
  • You’ll pay more money for your oils!
  • You don’t receive any discounts!
  • You pay full price on every order!

Wellness Advocate &

The BEST Option!
25% Discount
You Pay 25% off retail pricing
  • HIGHLY Recommended
  • You'll pay less than retails price for your oils!
  • You receive a discount of 25% off the retail price!
  • You receive a discounted price on every order!
  • You get the option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points (in additional to the 25% discount!)
  • You earn the shipping cost back in points!
  • You get the opportunity to earn an Oily commision!
  • You are eligible to receive dōTERRA's FREE Product of the Month
  • You can choose to start your with an enrolment kit which are amazingly priced OR a small $35 joining fee (which is actually waived if you purchase an enrollment kit)!
  • You are NOT require to commit to monthly ordering (unless you join the FREE Loyalty Rewards Program , also known as LRP), which is what I have done to help build my collection, but this is optional)
  • You will receive personalised oily support & education from ME!
  • You will receive a regular Lyme Healthy Oily Family newsletter from me with lots of tips and tricks!
  • You will have access to the Lyme Healthy Oily Family facebook group - where I will support you and you can share your experiences and connect with other Wellness Advocates and Wholesale customers!
  • I share FREE Oily Resources which I have collated for you to support your journey!
  • You will also have access to webinars, be able to connect with a beautiful and like minded community, a free online website (like mind) ... and many more resources and benefits ...

You had me at essential

There are endless uses for Essential Oils! 

And I mean endless!


If you have a question that does not appear here... drop me an messsage.

No! You absolutely DO NOT have to sell anything at any stage!  Even after you join as Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer. 

Although if you’d like to sell doTERRA’s beautiful oils and make come commision from doing so, I’d love to support you on your journey.   

No! You absolutely NOT! If you purchase as a retail customer, or sign up for the benefits of being a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer you are NOT locked into a contract!

Once you have created your first order and joined as a Wellness Advocate / Wholesale Customer  – you have the choice if you want this to be your first (and last) order!  But you don’t have to choose when you place your next order either!  Just like any other website you purchase from, you can head back to it at ANY time to browse and place your next order (if you wish). 

I hope it’s not as there is soooo much oily goodness to experience! 

No! BUT …. you can if you’d like too!  Let me explain.  All Wellness Advocates / Wholesale Customers are able to join doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).  As the program indicates if you are loyal to doTERRA and purchase monthly, they will reward you with points and further discounts for your loyalty.  It’s that simple … and you can earn a further 10-30% discount! 

I’ve become a LRP convert as it’s helped to build my collection and increase my discount on my oily purchases! 

No! BUT …. you can if you’d like too!  Most people just purchase doTERRA oils because they love them.  And some people love them even more to create a business out of selling them (like me). 

You can purchase as many oils as you like, without having to sell the oils.  

I use only essential oils for perfumes

Jessica capshaw

Enrolment Kits

I’ve include a few country specific enrollment kits which might help you decide if purchasing a kit is right for you.

Are you undecided about the Enrolment Kits vs $35 enrolment fee?
It might help to know that most customers purchase an enrolment kit to begin. 90% of those customer start with The Home Essentials Kit! And if you choose to start with a wholesale starter kit your recieve a 25% – 55% discount on first all future orders!

never underestimate the power of a good essential oil blend on a challenging day

Steps to becoming a Wellness Advocate / Wholesale Customer

To make the process really easy for you, I’ve created a few resources to help you join the world of these amazing Essential Oils!

I seem to have created an addiction to essential oils.  

Is there an oil for that?

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Be Empowered. Be Healthy. Be Inspired. Be Well.

What amazing smell they have…

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