I LOVE Lyme!

I LOVE Lyme! Said no one ever! Or so I thought!

What a strange and crazy concept to get your head around. Hey!

But really … is there anything related to the journey one embarks on when they get Lyme , that is NOT strange and crazy?

I’ve come across SOOOO many protocols (many of which I’ve tried), and many of them have sounded strange and crazy to me.

Just to name a few, along with my reactions …

  • Extensive herbal protocols – I can use plants to heal my body, seriously is this a joke?
  • IV ABX (WOW! How intense is this!)
  • PICC Lines and Ports (I mean really a permanent tube inserted in your body!)
  • Energetic medicine practices such as rifing, bioresonance therapies and other frequency related protocols like kinesiology – AKA muscle testing. (NO WAY is this real! My leg is seriously being pulled!)
  • Coffee enemas and rectal ozone therapy (You want me to stick WHAT up my you know what?)
  • Broth and water fasting (won’t I stave?)
  • Heavy metal chelation protocols (HOW on earth do I have heavy metals in by body?)
  • Binders (I need to drink zeolite and clays from the earth?)
  • Detoxing baths (a bath can actually help my Lyme disease!)

All of these SOUNDED strange and crazy when I first heard of them (and when most people hear of them)… but NOT anymore! These protocols are ALL real and are often a necessary part of a successful healing and recover plan…

So to come back to the beginning …

WHY oh WHY, would anyone ever think for a moment (or MORE) that they LOVE Lyme? It sounds SOOO strange and crazy! RIGHT?

I don’t have all the answers. I wish I did. I’m only human right? And we humans don’t always have ALL of the answers.

I have my own personal view.

But before I share … I really really really want to know…

Have YOU ever THOUGHT those three words?
Have YOU ever SAID those three words?
Have YOU ever SHARED those three words with anyone? EVER?
Do YOU think those three words are STRANGE and CRAZY?

I LOVE Lyme!
Said no one ever!
Or DID they?

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