Individualized Essential Oil Assessment

Heal with gifts from the earth

Do you want to support your body’s natural healing?
Of course you do!

Grab yourself an Intuitive Essential Oil Assessment


  • A personalised essential oil Intuitive Assessment of your energy field conducted by me
  • The best oils to support your emotions, Aura, Charkas, specific Mental, Physical, Emotional and Energetic energy fields are identified long with any guided messages on where and how to apply them
  • Your specific essential oil protocol will be explained in detail and emailed in a PDF
  • An essential oil application, usage and blend e-book is included
  • A Chakra Poster is included (A4 & US Letter)
doTERRA Essential Oils supporting health and wellness

As an intuitive, I am able to tune into your energy field and frequencies and the frequencies of various beautiful essential oils, to identify which ones are in-tune with you and will help restore your bodies energetic balance.


1. So as I can get a better understanding of you (and how amazing you are), and how I can best tune into your energy field, please complete the booking form and questionnaire

2. I’ll tune into your energy field on (or before your booking time) and conduct your intuitive assessment.

3. Your personalised intuitive assessment and inclusions will be emailed to you with 24 hours of the assessment


I love and recommend dōTERRA essential oils and use them for your Intuitive Assessment, as they are an incredible, safe and quality brand. More information on how to purchase them can be found here. Whilst I often recommend some beautiful individual oils I sometimes recommend dōTERRA specific oil blends.


 whist an Intuitive Essential Oil Assessment is a beautiful gift for a friend, please do not request one without wiling consent – as tapping into someone’s energy field without their knowledge is disrespectful and inappropriate.


The right essential oils for your body are

1. Gifts from the earth

2. can restore balance to your MIND-BODY

3. Heal on an emotional, physical and energetic level

doTERRA Essential Oils supporting health and wellness

The oils that come through your Intuitive Assessment are based on those best aligned with your constitution, emotions your body is ready to heal, and your mental, physical, emotional and energy field.

I invite you to drink in the divine nectar of aromatic love and let it penetrate you in the deepest, most profound ways.

Trust that the oils are working side-by-side to heal, regenerate, and teach you.

The more you use them, the more they’ll reveal their secrets to you

- Elana Millman,

My Intuitive Essential Oil Story

doTERRA Essential Oils supporting health and wellness


My Essential Oil intuitive skills all started when I was doing Reiki on clients and balancing their Chakra’s – I would receive ‘messages’ or have a ‘sense’ that a chakra needed balancing and exactly the particular oil that was needed – and sure enough the clients would resonate with the oils and their emotional properties. And deep emotional, spiritual, and physical healing would stay to take place and evolve.

Keep calm and apply Essential Oils

Oils and Healing


Essential oils are known as the ‘life-force’ of plants. As they are grown and come from nature, they support the human body at a cell level and at an energetic level.

Every essential oil has a particular frequency or energetic vibration which it resonates. When brought into the human (or animal) energetic field (taken orally, diffused or applied topically), each oil helps to balance our bodies own frequencies – be they emotional, mental, physical or energetic. Ultimately, essential oils help the body to restore balance by removing energetic blockages and realigning the body’s frequencies – so the body can regain its natural healing potential and equilibrium.

Oils are great at working on our subtle energy, our subconscious and our deeper emotional lays – which can lead to changes within our mental field and then heal on a physical level – I’ve seen some amazing transformations with oils!

I look forward to supporting you to heal through the beautiful gifts from the earth that Mother Nature has provided for nourishment and healing – Essential Oils.

Ask yourself ...

Is it time to be guided to clear your blockages through the use of essential oils?

Is it time to explore the healing capabilities of oils when aligned to your emotional, physical, spiritual and metal energies?

There are endless uses for essential oils! And I mean endless!