It’s True Lyme IS Empowering

Lyme takes your power away! But it can also give you a different type of power… one that is IS Empowering! Yes, it’s true! 

I interviewed a few peeps I met on Facebook and Instagram, just to confirm that I wasn’t the only one who thought Lyme IS empowering! I didn’t want to be the only one promoting another side to Lyme & Chronic illness that didn’t have and foundations! 

And who would have thought … to my surprise (and probably to yours as well), all of the people I interviewed felt empowered to take on the challenges that Lyme & Chronic illness throw their way! 

These powerful learnings are bound to resonate with you – and empower YOU too! 

Living with Lyme, what does Empowerment mean to you?

@emshealthylife – hmmm. Good question. Being in the drivers seat. Feeling well.  Functioning. Being in control of my life and my healing.  Being able to pick and choose all that is best for me. 

Trudi Bareham – Empowerment to me means taking responsibility for myself & my life.   

@hiho8874 – To me empowerment is being gifted permission or recognition to explain lapses in judgement.  

How’ve you Empowered yourself to recover from Lyme & Chronic Illness?

@emshealthylife – I’ve empowered myself to achieve greater healing by being well informed. Aligning with those who have already healed and finding out how they did it.  Moving to practitioners that are supportive. Having a great team of Drs ad therapists who all help me in there own way on this healing journey. Taking the time away from work that I need.  Learning about self-care and compassion and practising it for the first time in my lift. 

Trudi Bareham – I have empowered myself through researching, gaining new knowledge & personal skills which have shown me the direction to take.

It’s not only about how much information & knowledge I can discover.  More recently it is about letting go of things which are no longer helpful, which actually includes much of this information & knowledge previously discovered.  

Empowerment is not being afraid to say no, to be flexible & not getting caught up in the million & 1 online summits, which in their efforts to create knowledge, actually create more stress due to conflicting information!  

The tools which have helped me most are breathwork techniques, tapping & mantras.  Reminding myself to be present & that each moment is transient, the pain will pass.

@hiho8874 – I consider the part of empowerment where brain function is diminishing and my eyes are not as strong – I need a way to perform daily activities.  I empower my body by cramming one room with all my daily needs.  This body empowerment give relief to my heart, brains and eyes – allowing me more “spoons” to allocate. 

Living with Lyme, what have you learnt about yourself?

Before reading this story, did you believe that Lyme is Empowering?

What does empowerment mean to you? How HAVE you Empowered yourself to recover from Lyme & Chronic Illness?  

How WILL you continue to empower yourself from this day forward? 

What can you do to empower your healing journey now?

You could 

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I’d love to support you to achieve greater health and wellness.

Sending love and light.

Lisa 🙂

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