Lisa’s 12 Key Lyme Healing Lessons

I’ve had my very own personal journey of recovery from Lyme, co-infections, autoimmunity and Chronic illness. I’d like to share some of the key healing lessons I learnt along the way to recovery. 

Lyme Learning

  1. You have the ability to heal! Yes YOU do! If you believe it – it will happen.
  2. Recovery is not just about ‘killing’ the Lyme bugs!
  3. Supporting your immune system with nourishing nutrition is undervalued!
  4. A positive, supportive and loving tribe & community fosters healing!
  5. Neuroplasticity is an incredible healing tool – the body & brain have an ability to ‘learn’ to be well
  6. The choices you make every single day contribute to your healing journey – it’s what I call Quantum Wellness.  
  7. DETOX. DETOX. DETOX – removing toxins, chemicals, negative thoughts, relationships and habits is critical
  8. Focusing on the present, what you have & wellness creates healing – focusing on symptoms, pain & what you have lost does NOT foster healing!
  9. The 3 M’s – Mindset, Meditation, Mindfulness & more are MUST have recovery tools!
  10. Essential Oils are called ‘essential’ for a reason! and are incredible powerful
  11. You have the ability to influence every single cell in your body – with your thoughts, nutrition, lifestyle choices
  12. Incorporate the 4 Lyme Healthy Elements into your healing – Be Empowered. Be Healthy. Be Inspired. Be Well.

How YOU can implement Lyme healing lessons

If you’d like to explore and incorporate some of these techniques into your treatment plan, feel free to connect with me for an Initial FREE 15 consultation (Register HERE).  And if you’d like a copy of FREE Treat-ment Checklist which will help you to implement these in your daily routine register HERE.

I’d love to support you to achieve greater health and wellness.

Sending love and light.

Lisa :-)

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