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New Lyme Research Published

Yes, New Lyme Research has just been published. But…there are always a number of factors to consider with research findings.

3 key considerations have been overlooked – from my personal and clinical experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of research. Having studies and science to ‘back’ things up is important and can add validate ideas, concepts and a ‘sense of knowing’. And the patient-centered big data project by My Lyme Data is a great research initiative and a step in the right direction for those with Lyme and Lyme-like illness. has published an article on the research which you can access HERE. BUT… before you get too carried away…  I’ll break it down for you a bit. This patient centered feedback looks at the ‘WHAT ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS WORK FOR LYME DISEASE? ‘.  Fantastic!

CONSIDERATION 1: Common Alternative Therapies for Lyme recovery

The study looked at the following ‘alternative treatments’:

  • Herbal / Homeopath / Pharmaceuticals / Colloidal silver Protocols
  • Chelation / detox treatments
  • Sauna therapy
  • Electromagnetic energy therapy / Rife Machine
  • Medical marijuana
  • Oxygen / Ozone therapy / Hyperbaric
  • Hyperthermia
  • Stem Cell theray

They’re all valid alternative treatments which are becoming more and more popular.


It’s also important to note that although these are labeled as ‘alternatives’ they can often be used in conjunction with other therapies.

There are also a few other therapies missing such as colonics and other therapist guided modalities such as brain spotting, somatic therapy, Neurofeedback, psychotherapy, chiropractic etc.

CONSIDERATION 2: Evidence Based Alternative Treatments for Lyme

As I mentioned, from my perspective, this research misses a critical piece – the MIND-BODY piece.

It’s a part close to my heart from a personal and clinical perspective.

What I’m referring to Evidence Based Practices (that I personally use and implement with my clients) that would fall under the category of so called ‘alternative’ treatments such as:

Alternative Lyme & Wellness Therapy - Guided Imagery
Alternative Lyme & Wellness Therapy - Guided Imagery
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement (Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi)
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
  • Neuroplasticity (aka Brain Training)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Nutritional intervention
Yes , I said evidence based practices as there are studies to support how these relaxation techniques can …
  1. Increase would healing
  2. Increase immune cell activity
  3. Increase vagus nerve activity
  4. Decrease Chronic inflammation
  5. and the list goes on.

CONSIDERATION 3: Energetic Healing & Lyme healing

The forth concept to consider is that of Energetic Healing.  Dr Klinghardt 5 Levels of Healing Chart talks about the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘bodies’.  Treatments for theses ‘bodies’ includes things like….

  • Self-Healing
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Chanting
  • Color and Sound Therapies
  • Rituals
  • Body Talk
  • Reki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Charka Balancing

These can be very effective energetic therapies and can be used to support any Lyme or chronic illness healing plan.  I love energetic therapies and is how I personally gained the most improvement in my own healing journey from Lyme & chronic illness. And these are my go to therapies in my clinic


I support all studies and information which is aimed at supporting those with Lyme and Chronic illness.  Thank you MyLymeData for publishing this Lyme research to support the community.

STOP!   Before you go and jump on the bandwagon and start every ‘alternative’ therapy listed on the study (which is what I’ve done in the past!) have a considering for including some Evidence Based Techniques AND Energetic Healing Techniques into your treatment plan.

If you’d like to explore and incorporate some of these techniques into your treatment plan, feel free to connect with me for an Initial FREE 15 consultation (Register HERE).  And if you’d like a copy of FREE Treat-ment Checklist which will help you to implement these in your daily routine register HERE.

I’d love to support you to achieve greater health and wellness.

Sending love and light.

Lisa 🙂

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