Reiki & Energy Healing

Are you looking for energetic healing? Yes, please I hear you say!

Fancy some of these healing benefits...

  • Creating a sense of relaxation
  • Energizing you
  • Bringing about a sense of peace and calm
  • Bring about clarity
  • Rewiring negative conditioning and behaviours 
  • Assisting you to problem solve
  • Freeing stuck emotions
  • Raising the bodies vibrational frequency
  • Rebalancing dis-ease
  • Opening up the bodies detoxification pathways
  • Releasing energy blockages
  • Relieving physical and emotional pain
  • Accelerating the bodies natural healing abilities 
  • Assisting you to problem solve
  • … [insert your own ‘energy healing’ ideas here] because they will probably benefit also!


Schedule a Reiki session to help you tap into your

1. intuition

2. capacity & capabilities

3. true healing potential

Reiki is the greatest secret in the science of energetic - Madam Hawayo Takata

Are you unsure how to achieve what you want?

Are you stuck in old ways, patterns and behaviours?

Are you wanting to explore new ways of doing things?

The ability to do perform Reiki comes from an internal freedom. The power to be free from stress, tension, and anger - Nikita Dudani

What is Reiki and Energy Healing?

Reiki is essentially a beautiful form of energy healing. It’s the intelligent life force that connects you to what you need. It’s comprised of two Japanese words: Rei, meaning Universal; and Ki, which is Life Force Energy.

In a nutshell, it’s a non-invasive healing technique whereby – in this instance – I channel the glorious universal life force energy through me then to your focus or your intention in order to stimulate your own natural ability to heal – either in person OR via distance!  Yep, you hear right.. you can be on the other side of the world and receive the healing energy! 



It’S really EASY to take part in the Monthly Energy Healing Sessions …

1. Be on the look out for another email I’ll forward you shortly with the Date and Time of the next session. 
2. Make sure you click the link in the email to register to be a part of the session, and if you wish, include your intention for healing.
3. On the date and time of the healing session, find a quiet space to relax and receive the energy healing.
4. Once complete, I will email some feedback about how the session went and what messages, feelings and images came up during the session, so you can reflect further on the session.  
5. If you’d like to share your experience with others or a testimonial you are welcome to send an email HERE. I’d love to spread the word about energy healing so more people can take part in this beneficial experience.  


Reiki FAQs

Yes, the monthly group energy healing sessions are all FREE.

Anyone who has been Touch by Lyme in some form or another, be it a personal experience or through someone you know is welcome to join. 

Make sure you have signed up for each month you would like to be included. 

To sign up, head to APPOINTMENT HERE.

One-on-one energy healing sessions are definitely more effective than the FREE group energy sessions.  

One-on-one sessions are longer, allowing more energy to flow to you for a longer period of time.  

Also, private sessions enable the energy to flow JUST TO YOU!  You have my full attention, and the session is all about YOU and your healing.  

Your experience will be unique to YOU.  You may feel relaxed, fall asleep, feel tingling in your body, feel heat or cold in different parts of your body, have emotions or feelings come up or see various lights of colors in your vision when your eyes are closed.

You may have a different experience every session.  Or you may have the same experience every session (aka fall asleep 😉

Relax.  It is OK.  

Know that the session went exactly how it was meant to go for you! It is OK to not FEEL anything different during or after the session. This does NOT mean that you didn’t receive any healing!  

Everyone will receive some form of healing that is perfect for your body! Healing can occur at such a deep level that your conscious is not aware of it.  

The session was perfect the way it was. 


It is NOT necessary for you to be relaxed or conscious during the session. 

So long as you have registered for the session, healing energy will flow to you!  

You can be sleeping, at work, driving, playing sport, enjoying a night out at a restaurant, putting your kids to sleep, hiking in the mountains and you will receive the healing energy.   

Please see a list of some of the benefits listed above. 

NO, you don’t need to set an intention.  If you would like to set an intention, you are more than welcome too! But an intention is NOT necessary.  The healing energy that YOU NEED will be sent to you, weather you have an intention or not.  Sometimes the intention you have, is different from the healing energy that you actually need and receive!

NO, this session is a 100% remote!  This mean that the energy will flow to you, wherever you are. I have been attuned and trained to send this energy to you.  There is not need to see me in person, connect to Skype, FB, Instagram, Zoom or any other social media platform.  

The group healing sessions are ‘taster’ sessions. They allow me to send out healing energy to those who would like to receive it and they allow you to experience some healing. If you would like longer and more targeted sessions, feel free to book a one-on-one session with me.  

That’s ok!  You don’t have to believe in Reiki or Energy healing to receive the energy or benefits from it. Healing and loving energy will flow to and through you without your belief or faith. It’s OK to be cynical and skeptical about the process … I was initially too! (YES! I am human :-))

If you feel the love and would like to share your experience with others and spread the word about energy healing so more people can take part in this beneficial experience, feel free to send an email with HERE

If you have any other questions, feel free to send an email with HERE

Register for each a monthly sessions HERE, consider an intention for healing, and relax 🙂 

If you’d like a private session with me, you can also book those HERE.  

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me HERE

The ability to do perform Reiki comes from an internal freedom. The power to be free from stress, tension, and anger - Nikita Dudani

Reiki Healing Testimonials

Loris - Massage Therapist

Lisa! Thanks a lot, the Reiki session was a closing door to the out world and an opening to the inner. There were a lot of sensations, vibrations, memories and emotions rising through the session, however I felt easy at most of the time. I will be back soon.

Kevin Zabow - Heal & Grow Kinesiology

Lisa is very passionate about what she does and puts you at ease right away. After seeing Lisa I was feeling more positive, my neck started feeling less stiff and even started sleeping better. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and clearly enjoys helping others along their healing journey.

Georgina Winthrop

I would really recommend Reiki with Lisa. I felt so relaxed and at ease and her insights during the session were so relevant. Her follow up suggestions were really helpful and she was able to draw from her great knowledge base

Michelle, W.

Lisa is amazing … her life experiences have opened her mind to be very intuitive and my session with her today was both enlightening and inspiring. I could relate to everything she told me and felt like I had direction following the session, Thankyou Lisa xx


Reiki is an important therapy for the body; it’s an incredible experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and intrigued. In my session I could relate to the meanings of things that I was experiencing in my current life. I would highly recommend Lisa as your practitioner, the experience for your body will be both mentally and physically positive. All the best on your healing journey. Peace and light.

Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart, for your soul has your blueprint and the universe has your back - Hazel Butterworth

Ask yourself ...

1. Is it time to identify and clear your blockages?

2. Is it time to create new ...


Every part of the system of Reiki is ultimately about meditation and compassion as keys to healing - Kathleen Prasad