‘Til Death Do Us Part

When we get hit with Lyme, the words ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ become more important than ever – especially for our partners.

What a ride! The highs and the lows. The ups and downs. Literally! Does this sound like a bit of a familiar story? 

The pressure of Lyme & Chronic illness can wreck havoc in relationships.  Let me rephrase from my own personal life experience – The pressure of Lyme & Chronic illness DOES wreck havoc in relationships!  

But it doesn’t have to if we can provide some support to our partners.

3 SIMPLE ways you can provide support to each other when the going gets tough with Chronic Illness

1. Emotional Balancing

Emotions.  They are very powerful, yet they can get out of control & cause instability. And stability is the one thing we are all looking for. 

There are a number of ways to create emotional balance in your household.  Staying calm is one of them.  And this can often be challenging when chronic illness creates pressure on the relationship – but I do my best.  

Sometimes I need some support in creating calmness, so I head to my essential oil cabinet and diffuse a few oils before the hubby returns home. Have you tried this? 

Some of my favourites include Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Melissa, Cedarwood and Myrrh.  Known for their grounding and soothing effects, they can really help create emotional balance in the house.

2. Space

You live with your illness 24/7 don’t you? It’s important to note that your partner does not.  Well, they do live with YOU 24/7, but for their own sanity, they often need their own space, away from you, on their own, with some friends on in there cave (aka man cave).  Let your partner be. Let them take a breather.  Give them the space, so that they can re-fuel to continue to support you.

3. Cuddles and Connection

Taking the time to connect with your partner, be it via cuddles on the couch, bear hugs or spending a moment looking deep into each other’s eyes (this is one of my favourites).  This a really beautiful way to let you and your partner feel the flow of love between you.  Despite what is going on within you.  

So, there you have it. My vulnerability on the table (actually all over the internet)!  

Now it’s time for you to be vulnerable with yourself and your partner and nurture your relationship so that you too will be together ‘Til Death Do Us Part’. 

If you need a safe place to connect while your partner is refueling, consider empowering, healthy and inspiring online forums like this one HERE.

And if you are open to it, please share with me your story.  I’d love to learn from you and your journey.  

I’d love to support you to achieve greater health and wellness.

Sending love and light.

Lisa 🙂

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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship - Budda

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